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Community Training Home I (CTH I)


A Community Training Home I (CTH I) is first and foremost a home.† A CTH I provides a safe living environment for people of all ages with autism, intellectual/related disabilities, and head and spinal cord injuries and similar disabilities.


 A CTH I is a specialized, community-based residential option sponsored by the South Carolina† Department of Disabilities and Special Needs and administered by the Richland/Lexington Disabilities and Special Needs Board.†


 CTH Iís are private homes in the community in which a person with a disability lives with a trained caregiver.† This residential option is ideal for people who desire a home-like environment.


 Each CTH I must pass an extensive series of safety and licensing inspections in order to ensure health, safety, and welfare of our consumers.††


Who are the Caregivers?

 CTH I caregivers are specially trained to provide personalized care, supervision, and individualized skills†††† training.† Caregivers must successfully complete screenings and a training curriculum.


 CTH I Caregivers contract with the Richland/Lexington Disabilities and Special Needs Board to provide Residential Habilitation.†


 Residential Habilitation is the service provided to our consumers that includes care, skills training, and supervision. The degree and type of care, supervision, and skills training is based on the consumers support plan, residential plan, and each consumerís individual needs.†


 Skills training for our consumers includes assistance with acquisition, retention or improvement in daily living skills, and the social and adaptive skills necessary to enable a consumer to live as independently as possible.


Making the Match

 We go to great lengths to make sure our consumers and caregivers are compatible.†

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Our goal is 100% Consumer Satisfaction!†


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